Taking shape

1 Jul

Things are finally shaping up in the studio. I have started forming some “wallpaper” composed of items I am collecting throughout the city. If you have visited my studio, you have probably seen the “wall of inspiration” that I keep, a collage of taped up images and show cards. I have been frustrated for years by visiting artists who breeze by my paintings to take in the haphazard collection on the wall. I am finally finding a way to incorporate this into my work, as wallpaper and surface for screenprinting and painting. This idea may change in the process, we will see how the work transforms.

Meanwhile I have also created my first clay piece. I used a type of clay that is new to me, since I do not have kiln access I found a kind that can be baked in the oven. Tonight I will bake it, and then make a silicone mold of it, and cast multiples in plastic. Wish me luck!

Speaking of mold making, Abdi Farah’s “I.E.D.” (Improvised Explosive Device) was the winner on last night’s episode of Work of Art. To create this piece he created a cast of heads that he sculpted. I am curious what his mold was made of.
One of my favorite things about watching this show is reading the reviews of it. Here are a few:
Paddy Johnson
Jerry Saltz

Our cat, Veronique, loves to sit in the front row to watch Work of Art.

Yesterday Michael and I tried to go to the Guggenheim, however we arrived at 6:00 to see that it closed at 5:45. [I swear the website said 7:45!] We took the long walk home through central park.

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